Curt Foy


Actor, Singer, Dancer, DJ, MC, Musician, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Combat Choreographer, Entrepreneur


“...Tugger played by Curt Foy, was great as well! He played the role with such spunk, and attitude, and may I say FREAKING KILLER VOCALS, HOLY CRAP!

- Rye the News Guy

“A special shout-out to a performance that was fun to watch, Curt Foy as Mercutio, from his entrancing Queen Mab speech to his death after the duel, was a Mercutio full of fun.”

- Eric Minton,

“Breathing full, swaggering life into Mercutio is Curt Foy. From his entrance to his death, Foy handily commands the stage every time he is upon it.”

- Charles Culbertson, The News Leader

“Most of the cast turned in strong performances, highlighted by...Curt Foy’s bitterly bawdy Lavatch”

- Eric Minton,

About Curt Foy

Curt is a master of ceremonies, disc jockey, certified ballroom dance instructor, singer & actor. He provides all of these services and more through his company, CF Star Entertainment. Curt is a NJ native and has been immersed in the performing arts his entire life. In addition to being an all around entertainer Curt has performed in ten national tours, bringing music & dance to audiences of all ages throughout forty-six of the fifty states. Curt has an infectious personality that you will never forget. His electric energy and ability to entertain every life that he encounters is why Curt Foy will remain associated with excitement, enjoyment, and excellence.

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